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Let me introduce myself—I'm Javier Castañeda, the driving force behind Studio Costa Rica. My journey into photography has been an evolution, shaped by a unique blend of education and practical experience.


With a solid foundation in hotel management, I earned my MBA and ventured into the dynamic world of tourism. Over a decade of immersion in the industry gave me invaluable insights into client expectations and the pursuit of excellence.


But my story takes a turn when I decided to follow my passion for photography and get a degree on it. Over the last 15 years, I've honed my craft, transforming a passion into a profession. This journey through the lens, coupled with my deep-rooted understanding of hospitality, has uniquely positioned me to comprehend your needs, from both a creative and a business perspective.

At Studio Costa Rica, I'm not just a photographer; I'm your partner in capturing moments and crafting visual stories that resonate with your vision. My multifaceted background, encompassing administration, business acumen, and photography, ensures that every project is not just a job but a testament to my dedication to exceeding your expectations.


With this fusion of expertise and creativity, I'm here to translate your ideas into stunning visuals and create lasting memories that vividly tell your story.

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