Team Building Photography

These events provide the unique opportunity for employees to spend time together in a nonwork environment sharing corporate strengths such as confidence, goodwill, and morale. Our experienced photographers understand the importance of these events, they capture those fun and sincere moments of your attendees that will develop long lasting experiences. Those images can be used as a powerful marketing tool and social media.

Award Ceremonies

Our group of expertise photographers understands how awards ceremony develop and their important essence within your organization. We truly understand where and when our photographers need to be to capture those special moments where the most valuable people in your company is recognized for their achievements. Well taken pictures play an important role in marketing communications strategies.

Activities Photography

How many times have you missed that special moment without a camera? With our professional photographers, you will never have to worry about missing that “special shot” as your guests enjoy their activities.Golf team or candid photos at your client’s favorite golf course, horseback or ATV riding, zip lining, hiking, or just lounging at the pool, we will follow your clients to capture these unforgettable moments. Going on a kayak, snorkeling or surfing trip? Drone photos? Not to worry. We are well equipped to cover all activities.

Reception/Parties Photography

Sometimes an event calls for more than just candid photography. Photo Events can fulfill virtually any specialty need.
Whether it's a small private award dinner or a large scale corporate product launch.
we've got you covered so you can focus on managing your program, confident that your event photography will be everything you want it to be - and more

Corporate Group Photography

Corporate group pictures help to make your next event memorable. We offer professional groups photography services to capture the moment in where your team gets together in one big photo; well-done group photos are a great team building tool, it helps to increase brand awareness and company camaraderie; we understand sometimes is difficult to gather all your team members so we offer additional solutions

Couples Portraits

What better amenity for your guests than a stunning portrait of the couple in front of a picturesque sunset, a tropical garden or perhaps a background designed to compliment your themed party. Our in-house custom photo lab allows you flexibility. From onsite print, to next morning delivery, we will print and deliver your portraits as quickly as required or any preferred time. Enhance the delivery of the dazzling portraits with Custom Frame, Custom Photo Presentation Folder or your company’s logo with customized text overlay on the portrait. A This keepsake will always remind your guests of the wonderful time they had.